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Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society
1, Jalan Bilal (Off Bedok Road)
Singapore 468854

Tel : 6441 0619
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Our Society was registered with the ROS on 25 March 1982. Its objects are:
1. To promote and cultivate good morals, such as filial piety, compassion, righteousness, brotherliness, loyalty, trustworthiness, propriety, decency, humanity and wisdom.
2. To help all people and to give relief to anyone in hardship, disaster or need, without discrimination as to race, colour, creed, language or religion;

To carry out welfare work for the good of mankind, including the rendering of financial assistance and personal support for those who are weak, old, poor, sick or disabled;

The promotion of education and the provision of free burial and funeral expenses, etc.

3. To set up Homes for Aged Sick and other charitable institutions;
4. To establish child centres, family service centres, seniors activity centres etc;

As a Moral Society we promote:
1. Love and care for each other, irrespective of any difference
2. Respect for each otheríŽs race, colour, creed, language, culture and religion;
3. The universal virtues of filial piety, brotherliness, loyalty, trustworthiness, propriety, righteousness, incorruptibility, decency, humanity and wisdom;
4. The oneness of mankind;
5. The transcending of all differences.

The Services set up by the Society and also in partnership with MSF and other agencies are:
1. Moral Home For The Aged Sick íV a nursing home for the aged sick
2. Serangoon Moral Family Service Centre
3. Moral Students Care Centre
4. Redhill Moral Seniors Activity Centre
5. Moral Seniors Activity Centre (Kaki Bukit)
6. Banyan Home @ Pelangi Village
7. Chee Hoon Kog Childcare Centre
8. Moral Child Development Centre (Chee Hoon Kog)
9. Ang Mo Kio-ThyeHua Kwan Hospital
10. Moral Neighbourhood Link(Kaki Bukit)
11. The Moral Free Clinic
12. Emergency Relief Fund

Note: Divine petition through the planchette divination on every Sundays at 7.00pm.

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